Our client is embarking on a large scale, multifaceted cost saving programme, aimed at saving over £100m in lost revenue per annum. One key workstream identified was reconciling data relating to the value of purchases versus the value of services provided.

In line with wider end to end testing accountability on the programme, Dukebridge were asked to oversee UAT on this part of project (itself a 9 month project with a budget of over £2m) after concerns were raised around the actual progress against the Test Plan.

The client was previously under the assumption that UAT was due to begin as per the project plan. In actual fact, System Integration Testing had not yet begun, meaning the programme was significantly behind schedule. Dukebridge therefore took on additional responsibility to reschedule and re-plan the project with the aim of meeting the original go-live date.


Under the original Waterfall project plan, it was assumed that UAT was ready to commence. However, it was immediately realised that System Integration Testing had not yet started with no apparent realisation from project management or business stakeholders that the programme was behind schedule. Given that SIT had been planned to take twelve weeks, the project was a minimum of 12 weeks behind. Additionally, the Test Plan had assumed that development was complete, which was not in fact the case.

Despite apparent appetite to shift to an Agile way of working to help re-plan the project to get it back on track, it remained in Waterfall methodology due to a lack of knowledge and understanding on how to adopt agile to its best affect.


Whilst only being brought in to manage the UAT phase of the Project, Dukebridge assumed the lead in restructuring the programme following Agile methodology in order to bring the delivery plan back on track. Development teams and Business Stakeholders were instantly aligned through implementing Scrum methodology, and Agile methodology was utilised to align test and development plans in parallel in order to claw back burnt project time and costs.

“Development teams and Business Stakeholders were instantly aligned through implementing Scrum methodology…”


The project has been brought back on track with the first lots of code having been deployed into test environments. This would not have been possible without the expertise, experience and drive that Dukebridge were able to bring to the Project.


Thinking of where we were when we started testing a couple of weeks ago and where we are now, it’s really admirable. I can’t thank you enough.

Client Programme Manager