Following a deep dive analysis, it was identified that our major UK distribution and delivery client needed to embark on a series of technology led, cost-saving initiatives to reduce the amount of “revenue leakage” in its day-to-day operations.

One key area of focus was on the erroneous double use of barcodes on parcels that was identified as a major area of revenue leakage. A project was therefore created to identify such cases and, once identified, issue surcharges whilst also providing an automated technology solution to prevent reoccurring instances in the future.

Dukebridge were asked to pick up and lead end-to-end testing on the programme against very tight timelines to ensure successful and on time delivery of a high quality technology solution whilst recovering slipped time in testing.


Dukebridge immediately deployed a Senior Programme Test Management resource to the programme to lead end to end testing activity. It was quickly established that the project had burnt through 25% of the allocated testing time but had not yet started testing – a situation caused by environment alignment issues. However, the business expectation remained that the programme would deliver on time and on budget to the required quality.


Instant action was taken to raise the priority of the environment issues to accelerate resolution enabling greater stakeholder engagement and intervention.

Following this, the approach for test execution reviewed and consequently replanned in order to meet the original delivery date. Sequential testing was replaced by batched test execution using automation tooling whist overall test approach was re-planned to absorb UAT into SIT phase.

“Both test phases were run simultaneously in parallel resulting in significant time savings.”


The technology solution was delivered on time and is now live. Without the corrective actions that were driven by Dukebridge, the programme would have slipped by a minimum of four weeks at full project running costs. In addition, the automation tool solution recommended by Dukebridge for this programme has now been deployed and proven to achieve results on the client’s wider technology initiatives.

Similarly, the adoption of the Agile delivery approach within testing is being adopted on multiple projects across the wider business, resulting in further saving on projects costs.

Whilst (Dukebridge Programme Test Manager) has only been with us for a few weeks, he has brought the necessary oversight and professionalism to the process. This has ensured that we proceeded on a pragmatic footing, and has somehow managed to get us through a UAT stage without issue.

Client Programme Director